Revolutionize dream exploration technology

An interface to your world of dreams and dreamscape navigation tools to set you free from your mind.


Explore the Nature of Your Mind

Network’s mission is to revolutionize dream exploration technology and make tools for individuals to free themselves from their mind. Our goal is to accelerate the advent of the dreamworld and empower individuals by creating a new paradigm for mental mobility.

Revolutionizing dream exploration technologies

We are pioneering dream exploration technologies to identify the neural signatures of conscious dreaming, enabling on-demand lucid dreams. Our mission is to unite the industry in pursuit of common objectives and safeguard individuals' rights in the dream realm.

An Interface to Your World of Dreams

We are developing tools to enable conscious dreaming and strengthen people's bonds to their dreams. A window into a new yet ancient world. By unlocking insights from nighttime dream explorations, people can improve their waking experiences.

A Laboratory to Investigate Your Mind

Through virtual reality explorations of the mind during sleep, dreams can serve as a powerful tool to investigate upon the nature of the mind. By regularly engaging in this virtual reality dream laboratory, one can continuously revise outdated beliefs and uncover deeper meaning in life.

New Paradigm for Mental Mobility

We are developing a platform to help individuals in escaping recurring mental loops and obsolete thought patterns, fostering mental flexibility. Our goal is for people to utilize their dreams to heal, gain freedom, and establish a new sense of self.

The Neuro Revolution

Accelerate the Advent of the Dreamworld

Neural interface technology embodies the exploration of unchartered territory. Our industry is developing a two-way feedback loop between brains and computers to uncover novel communication methods and broaden our understanding of the world.

Neural interface powered dreams have the potential to become a groundbreaking medium and alternative reality for delving into the nature of reality and accelerate progress in the mind sciences. Additionally, other brain-computer applications could be developed as tools for individuals to heal and free themselves and others.

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